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RENTAL: Single Mode and Multimode Fibre Modules for DSX-5000

Fluke CFP-Q-ADD CertiFiber Pro QUAD OLTS multimode and single mode fibre modules...
875.00 $/week

RENTAL: Fluke 435 Series II Three-Phase Power Quality and Energy Analyser

High performance power quality analyser (PQA) and energy analyser for single-phase...
795.00 $/week

RENTAL: Cable Analyser Copper Certification Kit

Fluke DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer™ Contractor Copper Cert Kit
590.00 $/week

RENTAL: Three Phase Power Logger for hire

Fluke 1736 clamp-on power logger for single-phase and three-phase circuits.
425.00 $/week

RENTAL: Three Phase Power Logger for hire

Fluke 1735 clamp-on power logger and PQA for single-phase and three-phase circuits.
395.00 $/week

RENTAL: Earth Ground Clamp Tester for hire

Fluke 1630-2/FC Earth Ground Clamp Tester
290.00 $/week

RENTAL: Dual Input Digital Thermometer with Data Logging for hire

Fluke 54 II B Dual Input Digital Thermometer with Data Logging
245.00 $/week

RENTAL: Multifunction Installation Tester for hire

Fluke 1653B Multifunction Installation Tester
225.00 $/week

RENTAL: Visual IR thermometer

Fluke VT02 basic visual IR thermometer (-10 to +250 degC)
95.00 $/week

RENTAL: 6,000A AC Current Probes for Fluke 1736 for hire

Fluke i17xx-FLEX6000 6,000A AC Current Loop Probes for Fluke AC loggers. (Set of...
95.00 $/week

RENTAL: DC/AC Current Clamp

Fluke i310s DC and AC Current Clamp, 30 A and 300 A AC rms or ±45 A and 450 A DC
85.00 $/week

RENTAL: DC/AC Current Clamp, 400A

Fluke i410 DC and AC Current Clamp for use with DMMs, Oscilloscopes, Data Loggers...
45.00 $/week

RENTAL: Pure Sine Wave Inverter for hire

Projecta 12V, 150W pure sine wave inverter
28.00 $/week

RENTAL: 25M BL Ground/Earth Cable reel for DET2/2 for hire

Fluke Ground/Earth Cable Cable Reel 25M BL for use with DET2/2
19.00 $/week

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