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DC Power Supply Rental

Low voltage and high voltage DC power supplies for electronics and scientific applications. High current DC power supplies for engineering and industrial applications. Constant voltage (CV), constant current (CC), over voltage protection (OVP). Manual front panel control, remote control via GPIB or LAN/Web interface.

DC Power Supplies

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RENTAL: AC Mains Power Source for hire

Keysight AC6803A AC and DC Power Source, 2000VA, 380V, 16A, 40-500Hz
690.00 $/week

RENTAL: DC Power Supply; 600V, 2.6A, 1560W for hire

Agilent N5772A High-voltage, Precision DC Power Supply
490.00 $/week

RENTAL: DC Power Supply; 300V, 5A, 1500W for hire

Agilent N5771A High-voltage, Precision DC Power Supply
490.00 $/week

RENTAL: DC Power Supply; 60V, 25A, 1500W for hire

Agilent N5767A High-power, Precision DC Power Supply
490.00 $/week

RENTAL: DC power supply, 2x 30V, 20A, 400W for hire

Keysight E36233A DC power supply, dual-output, auto-range: 2 x 30 V, 20 A, 400 W:...
350.00 $/week

RENTAL: DC power supply for hire

Keysight E36313A AC DC power supply, triple-output, 6 V, 10 A and 2 x 25 V, 2 A,...
240.00 $/week

RENTAL: DC power supply, 30V, 20A, 200W for hire

Keysight E36231A DC power supply, single-output, auto-range: 30 V, 20 A, 200 W: LAN,...
220.00 $/week

RENTAL: DC power supply 30V/6A (2x) & 5V/3A; 375W for hire

Keysight U8031A Triple Output DC Power Supply, 30V/6A, 30V/6A & 5V/3A; 375W
190.00 $/week

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