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RF & Microwave Cable Rental


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RENTAL: 1m Low loss 2.4mm (m) to 2.4mm (f), DC to 50 GHz cable for hire

Huber + Suhner 8121-2776 50 GHz Cable Assembly
490.00 $/week

RENTAL: 1m Type APC 3.5 mm(m) to Type APC 3.5 mm(f) 26.5 GHz RF cable for hire

Keysight N9910X-708 Rugged phase-stable cable, 1 m
290.00 $/week

RENTAL:  152 cm Precision 3.5mm (m) to 3.5mm (m), DC to 26.5 GHz 50-ohm cable for hire

Keysight 11500F 26.5 GHz Microwave Cable Assembly
240.00 $/week

RENTAL: 5.5m SMA(m) to SMA(m) 50-ohm cable for hire

CBL-1022 RF cable, 5.5m
120.00 $/week

RENTAL: 1.5m type N(m) to N(m) 18GHz cable for hire

N9311X-580 Phase Stable Cable 1.5m, Type N(m) to N(m), DC to 18GHz
95.00 $/week

RENTAL: 1.5m Type-N (m) to Type-N (m) 8 GHz RF cable for hire

Keysight N9910X-810 Rugged phase-stable cable, 1.5 m
90.00 $/week

RENTAL: 1m Low loss BNC(m) to BNC(m), 1.5 GHz cable for hire

Keysight 54609-61609 1.5 GHz Cable Assembly
60.00 $/week

RENTAL: 1m Krone plug to 4mm banana cable for hire

CBL-2005 Krone plug to 4mm banana cable,(0.1m)
25.00 $/week

RENTAL: 5m BNC(m) to BNC(m) 75-ohm cable for hire

CBL-1013 Precision 75-ohm RF cable, 5m
25.00 $/week

RENTAL: 1.5m BNC(m) to BNC(m) 75-ohm cable for hire

CBL-1008 Precision 75-ohm RF cable, 1.5m
15.00 $/week

RENTAL: 2m RJ45 CAT 6 Patch Cable for hire

CBL-1050 RJ45 CAT 6 Patch Cable, 2m
15.00 $/week

RENTAL: 1m SMA(m) to SMA(m) 50 Ohm cable for hire

Aaronia CBL-1023 50 Ohm Cable Assembly
15.00 $/week

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