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75 Ohm

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RENTAL: 75 Ohm, Type-N Calibration Kit  for hire

Agilent 85036E 75 Ohm, Type-N calibration kit, DC to 3 GHz
145.00 $/week

RENTAL: 75 Ohm Type-N to Type-F Adapter Set for hire

Agilent 86211A precision, instrument grade adapter set, DC to 2 GHz
65.00 $/week

RENTAL: 75 Ohm BNC (m) to BNC (f) feedthrough termination for hire

HP 11094B 75 ohm feedthrough; connect video and other 75 ohm signals to Hi-Z instruments.
35.00 $/week

RENTAL: BNC 50 Ohm to F Type 75 Ohm Impedance Matching Pad for hire

Federal Custom cable MP1121 BNC 50 Ohm to F Type 75 Ohm Impedance Matching Pad
35.00 $/week

RENTAL: 50 Ohm Type-N (m) to 75 Ohm Type-N (f) Adapter for hire

Agilent N9910X-846 precision RF adapter
18.00 $/week

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