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Ductor Testers for Rental

Ducters or Ductor Testers are used to test the resistance of electrical conductors and connections - terminations, joints, connectors as well as switches, motors and generators. Ductor testing involves the use of a precision low resistance ohmmeter that can accurately measure the extremely low  resistance of conductors, while passing a high current. Micro-ohmmeter.

Conductance, low resistance, low impedance, are all terms used to describe what a Ductor measures. Precision DMMs (digital multimeters) are also used for measuring low resistances of electrical conductors by passing a very low current through them. Both methods have their advantages, but Ductors are used to simulate real life conditions by passing a large current.

Ductors and micro-ohmmeters

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RENTAL:  Digital Micro-ohmmeter, 10A to 600 A dc  for hire

Megger DLRO600, 0-600A ductor (microhmmeter). Measures small resistances very accurately...
890.00 $/week

RENTAL:  Hand-held Micro-ohmmeter, 220A for hire

Megger MOM2, 0-220A Ductor (microhmmeter). Measures small resistances very accurately...
635.00 $/week

RENTAL: Earth Ground Resistance Tester & Stake Kit for hire

Megger DET2/2 High Performance, Automatic Earth Resistance Tester and Stake Kit
590.00 $/week

RENTAL:  Dual Power 10A Low Resistance Ohmmeter for hire

Megger DLRO10HD Ductor - Dual Power 10A micro-ohmmeter. Measures small resistances...
390.00 $/week

RENTAL: Digital Multimeter, 6½ Digit, Performance Truevolt DMM for hire

Keysight 34465A Digital Multimeter, 6½ Digit, Performance Truevolt DMM
295.00 $/week

RENTAL: Earth Ground Clamp Tester for hire

Fluke 1630-2/FC Earth Ground Clamp Tester
290.00 $/week

RENTAL: 50M RD Ground/Earth Cable reel for DET2/2

Fluke Ground/Earth Cable Cable Reel 50M RD for longer/more cables for our DET2/2
24.00 $/week

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