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Ductor Testers for Rental

Ducters or Ductor Testers are used to test the resistance of electrical conductors and connections - terminations, joints, connectors as well as switches, motors and generators. Ductor testing involves the use of a precision low resistance ohmmeter that can accurately measure the extremely low  resistance of conductors, while passing a high current. Micro-ohmmeter.

Conductance, low resistance, low impedance, are all terms used to describe what a Ductor measures. Precision DMMs (digital multimeters) are also used for measuring low resistances of electrical conductors by passing a very low current through them. Both methods have their advantages, but Ductors are used to simulate real life conditions by passing a large current.

History of ‘Ducter’ testing:
For over 100 years the ‘Ducter test’ has been used to describe a simple test for measuring very low contact resistances and “Ducter”, which is still used as a trade mark, was the name originally given to the low resistance ohmmeter manufactured by Megger. The name Ducter was registered by Megger in June 1908 and ‘Ducter’ has since become the industry standard.

Ductors and micro-ohmmeters

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