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RENTAL: 20 GHz MXG RF Signal Generator for hire
Agilent N5183A MXG Microwave Synthesiser, 100kHz to 20GHz, AM, FM, PM and narrow Pulse modulation

Our Price:
1,990.00 $/week

The Agilent N5183A is a full-performance synthesizer designed to generate precise microwave signals over a wide frequency range.


  • Frequency Range: 100kHz to 20GHz
  • Output: -90dBm to +11dBm; APC-3.5(m) , SMA-compatible
  • Amplitude Resolution: 0.01dB
  • Frequency Resolution: 0.01Hz
  • SSB phase noise (20kHz offset): -128dBc/Hz to -92dBc/Hz
  • Harmonics: -60dBc (typical)
  • Phase offset: 0.01 degree increments
  • Aging Rate: < 1ppm/yr
  • Temperature: 1ppm (0 to 55 degC)
  • Modulation: AM/FM/DCFM/PM/Narrow-pulse
  • Narrow Pulse modulation: >20ns width; <5MHz (ALC off)
  • Internal modulation source: Sinewave; 100mHz to 2MHz


  • Opt 520 - Frequency range 100kHz to 20GHz
  • Opt 1E1 - Step attenuator
  • Opt UNT - AM, FM, phase modulation
  • Opt UNW - Narrow pulse modulation
  • Opt ALB - LXI class B functionality

Supplied with:

  • Documents and Software on USB stick:
    • Keysight IO Libraries
    • User Manual (inc. hard copy)
    • Other product documentation
  • 5061-5311 3.5mm(f) to 3.5mm(f) Adaptor
  • SMA(f) to Type N(f) Adaptor
  • 240V IEC power cord
  • Transit Case

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