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RENTAL: 40kV High Voltage Probe, AC and DC
Agilent 34136A High Voltage Probe for use with DMMs, Oscilloscopes, Data Loggers etc.

Our Price:
25.00 $/week

The Agilent 34136A high voltage probe can be used with multimeters having an input resistance of 10 MΩ. The probe is a 1000:1 divider which extends a voltmeter's measurement capability to 40 kV dc. Included with the 34136A are a flat probe tip and nut, hook probe tip and a bag.

The Agilent 34136A is compatible with Digital Multimetersand other instruments that have 10 MΩ Input Impedance.

  • Multimeter input impedance: 10 MΩ
  • dc Accuracy, 2% from 1 kV to 20 kV, 3% to 40 kV
  • ac Accuracy, 5% at 60 Hz; derates with frequency to -3 dB at 300 Hz
  • Input resistance: 1000 MΩ
  • Maximum voltage: 40 kV dc
  • Length: cable is 1 meter
  • Termination: shrouded banana plugs and ground clip

Supplied with:

  • Transit case

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