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RENTAL: 75 Ohm BNC (m) to BNC (f) feedthrough termination for hire
HP 11094B 75 ohm feedthrough; connect video and other 75 ohm signals to Hi-Z instruments.

Our Price:
35.00 $/week

75 Ohm BNC(m) to BNC(f) coaxial feedthrough termination. Presents a precision 75-ohm termination to signals such as 75-ohm video signals, while pasing the signal through to a measurement instrument with a high-impedance input. Allows instruments such as DMMs and oscilloscopes with high-impedance inputs to accurately measure signal sources that require a 75-ohm impedance match.

Typical specifications:

  • Frequency Range: DC to 1.0GHz
  • Input Power: 1 Watt max
  • Termination impedance: 75 ohms
  • Accuracy: + / - 0.15dB

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