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RENTAL: DC Load Bank, 15kW, 60V for hire
Powersafe PSLB 300-48 DC load bank for testing power supplies, solar power etc.

Our Price:
890.00 $/week

15 kW DC Load Bank suitable for testing DC power sources (12V, 24V, 48V etc.) including:

  • Battery banks
  • Solar Cells and remote power systems
  • DC-DC converters
  • DC Power Supplies
  • Rectifiers

The PSLB 300-48 is a high power, fan/air-cooled DC Load Bank. The current draw can be set by switching a combination of circuit breakers on the front panel. Each breaker connects or disconnects an additional load resistor, in parallel. The unit requires a standard 240Vac 10A supply for it to operate and to power the fan - the unit will not operate unless fan is operational.

A built-in meter provides measurements of DC voltage (V), DC current (A) and DC power (W or kW). The meter is not calibrated but has a manufacturer's specification of +/- 5% accuracy.

Specifications (nominal):

  • Voltage: 0 to 48 Vdc (nominal); 60 Vdc (max)
  • Load: variable up to 15 kW (max)
  • Current: 0 to 300 A (manually switched steps - refer picture above)
  • Metering: Volts/current/power; 0.5% accuracy
  • DC load input connection: 350 A Anderson plug via supplied 5m cable (Anderson plug to large metal lugs)
  • DC cable connector lugs: suits M12 (12mm) bolts
  • Note - a calibration certificate is not supplied with this unit. (Use a separate multmeter and current clamp if you require calibrated measurements of voltage and current.)
  • Shipping weight:  70 kg (approx).

Supplied With:

  • User Guide
  • DC input cable with 350A Anderson plug to bolt-on lug connectors, 5 metres
  • 240 Volt IEC mains cable
  • Qty 2 x Transit cases with wheels

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