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RENTAL: AC Current Clamp, Dual Range 40A, 400A
Agilent U1583B AC Current Clamp for use with DMMs, Oscilloscopes, Data Loggers etc.

Our Price:
45.00 $/week

The U1583B current clamp is your dual range AC current clamp to enable taking current readings without breaking the circuit being measured. Its 40A and 400A dual range gives you the flexibility you need in a single instrument, to be used on either a Keysight handheld digital multimeter or handheld oscilloscope.


  • Dual range (40A and 400A) AC current clamp.
  • 10mV/A and 1mV/A output
  • CAT III 600V OV protection.
  • BNC-to-banana plug provided for use with DMMs
  • To be used with Keysight handheld digital multimeters and handheld oscilloscopes.

Supplied with:

  • BNC-to-banana plug adaptor provided for use with DMMs
  • Operating Instruction sheet
  • Functional Test Certificate
  • Pelican Case

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