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RENTAL: AC Mains Power Source for hire
Keysight AC6803A AC and DC Power Source, 2000VA, 380V, 16A, 40-500Hz

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690.00 $/week

The Keysight AC6803A is a precision AC power source with variable output voltage and frequency up to 500Hz. Typical applications include simulating international AC mains power supplies, testing product susceptibility to under or over-voltage conditions, and variations in mains supply frequency. It can also be used to test aviation and marine devices requiring a 400 Hz AC mains supply.  For added convenience it is also a precision DC power supply providing up to 1,600W of power up to 380V or up to 16A.

If you want to generate non-sinusoidal output waveforms or output transient events, the AC68ALGU analogue input card is included which allows you to create analog waveforms using your function generator. See the product datasheet to learn more about the analog card’s characteristics. The analog input option is also useful in situations where you want to control the output voltage level with an external DC control signal.

Important Note:
Due to the specific nature of this product, the AC mains input and AC mains output are each via a set of three screw terminals. No power cord is provided with this unit either for the input or output. It is up to the hirer to supply suitable cables that suit their specific needs, and to have a suitably licensed electrician to make appropriate the connections to the screw terminals. High voltages are present and connections should only be made by licensed electricians.

The AC6803A offers:

  • A complete AC and DC power and measurement solution.
  • A simple, intuitive user interface that allows you to easily access and view setup and measurement information directly from the front panel or programmatically.
  • Flexible IO to meet your needs.
    • LAN/LXI-Core and USB interfaces standard.
    • Analog interface board allows you to control the output with external analog signals in two modes:
      • The voltage of the output AC waveform (sine wave) varies according to the input DC signal (EXT-AC mode).
      • The input waveform is amplified and output (EXT-DC mode).

  • AC68ALGU Analog Interface Card
Supplied With:
  • Documentation on USB stick:
    • IO Libraries 16.3
    • PDF User Manual
  • User Manual (hard copy)
  • Ferrite Core
  • AC Input Cover
  • Transit case
Product Videos:

More AC6800 Video Tutorials:


AC Output Ratings:
  • Power: 2000 VA
  • Ranges: 135 Vrms, 20 A or 270 Vrms, 10 A
  • Maximum peak current: 60 A for 135 Vrms; 30 A for 270 Vrms
  • Frequency: 40 to 500 Hz
DC Output Ratings:
  • Power: 1600 W
  • Ranges: 190 V, 16 A or 380 V, 8 A
Programming Accuracy:
  • Voltage: 0.3% of full scale for 135 V range; 0.25% of full scale for 270 V range
  • LAN/LXI-Core
  • USB


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