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RENTAL: 4-channel USB Simultaneous Data Acquisition for hire
Keysight U2542A 500kSa/s USB Modular Simultaneous Data Acquisition Unit

Our Price:
490.00 $/week

The U2542A provides 4-channels of synchronous data-acquisition - all 4 channels sample simultaneously and synchronously.  (This is quite different to the way most data-acquisition systems work, such as the U2331A and 34972A, which are scanning DACQ units and have a single measuring device that sequentially scans some or all of the input channels, very quickly but one at a time).  Synchronous sampling is especially useful for physical/3D spatial measurement systems using accelerometers, or for communications systems where phase-synchronous measurements of up to 4 channels is important.  All 4 channels have individual, precision 16-bit A-to-D converters providing exceptional signal integrity and dynamic range.

The unit also has a built-in analog output being able to send out predefined or arbitrary waveforms make this a good tool when closed loop feedback or stimulus is required. The built-in digital IO channels allows for closed loop control through connections to switches, relays and solenoids. The burst mode enables the U2542A to simulate simultaneous analog input acquisition.

The U2542A works together with an U2902A terminal block for easy connections.

The U2542A is supplied with an extremely easy to configure and use Windows-based datalogging application, allowing users complete flexibility when choosing which channels to measure, the parameters being measured etc.  A laptop PC with the software pre-installed is also optionally available if the hirer does not have a suitable PC available. In addition the U2542A is compatible with a wide range of application development environments such as Keysight VEE, MATLAB® R2007a, NI LabVIEW and Microsoft® Visual Studio® if you want to write your own software.

The U2542A is ideal for applications that require high sampling rates per channel such as transient signal analysis or simultaneous acquisition of data for phase sensitive applications.


  • High-speed USB 2.0, USBTMC-USB488 standard (compatible with Microsoft® Windows® operating systems)
  • Standalone and modular capabilities
  • 16-bit resolution, simultaneous analog input channels, up to 500 kSa/s/ch
  • 2 12-bit analog output channels, 1 MSa/s analog output update rate
  • 24-bit programmable TTL input/output channels
  • 2 general purpose digital counter channels
Supplied With:
  • Documents and Software on USB Stick:
    • Quick Start Guide (plus hard copy)
    • User Manual (plus hard copy)
    • Measurement Manager v2.2.4.0
    • MATLAB extension v1.2.0.0
    • IO Libraries Suite v17.3
  • USB Cable A to micro-B
  • IEC Cable and Power Supply
  • 2 x U2351-61201 L Shaped Mounts
  • U2902A Kit
    • Terminal Block
    • Connection Cable
  • Calibration Certificate (copy)
  • Pelican Case

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