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RENTAL: B&K 2250 Type 1 Handheld Analyser with Calibrator Type 4231 for hire
Bruel & Kjaer 2250-S-C Class 1 Handheld Analyzer with Calibrator Type 4231

Our Price:
990.00 $/week

The Bruel & Kjaer 2250 is a Class 1 (Type 1) hand-held analyser that covers all your sound and vibration measurement and analysis needs – from the traditional uses in assessing environmental and workplace noise to industrial quality control and development.

The B&K 2250 high-resolution touchscreen allows you to easily navigate through the setup menu tailoring one of the many predefined templates to precisely your measurement requirements. The large dynamic range copes with both the loudest noises and those just above the noise floor and the frequency range, extended with the low-frequency option, spans from 20 kHz down to infrasound for measurement of noise sources suspected of emitting very low frequency noise.

  • Hardware:
    • Type 1 sound level meter (SPL - sound pressure level)
    • Large, high-resolution, touch-sensitive colour screen
    • Communication via USB, LAN and options for Wi-Fi or 4G communication
    • Automatic detection of and correction for windscreen
    • Robust and environmentally protected (IP44)
  • Software:
    • Dynamic range in excess of 123 dB(A)
    • 0.5 Hz – 20 kHz broadband linear range
    • Personalized measurement, display and job setup
    •  ‘Smiley’ quality indicators with hints and warnings
    • Timers for automatic start of measurement
    • Measurement Partner Cloud (MP Cloud)
    • Measurement Partner Field App
    • Measurement Partner Suite for comprehensive post-processing
    • GPS coordinates stored with measurement data
    • Simultaneous noise and weather data acquisition
    • 24- or 16-bit recording during all or parts of measurement

Installed Options:

  • BZ7222 - Sound Level Meter
  • BZ7223 - Frequency Analysis
  • BZ7231 - Tone Assessment
  • BZ7232 - Noise Monitoring

Supplied With:

  • Documentation and Software on USB stick:
    • B&K Microphone Viewer Software v6.0.0
    • Environment Software v5.4.0
  • User Manual
  • Installation Manual
  • B&K Type 4189 Microphone S/N 3087050 and protective case
  • 4231 sound calibrator S/N 3018207 plus leather case
  • Pre-amp protection plug
  • 25mm finger screw adapter
  • Plastic stylus
  • UA 1650 Microphone cover
  • Wireless N150 USB wifi adapter
  • Leather case and Wrist strap
  • UA1651 Tripod extender
  • USB A to micro B cable
  • Calibration Certificate Copy
  • Power cord and AC adapter
  • Pelican Transit Case

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