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RENTAL: RF Communications Analyser, 250kHz to 3GHz for hire
R8000C Portable RF Comms Test Set, P25, DMR, MOTOTRBO

Our Price:
1,850.00 $/week

The Freedom Communications (formerly General Dynamics) R8000C 250kHz to 3GHz RF Communications System Analyser for testing analogue FM, AM, P25, DMR/Mototrbo, Tracking Generator, Remote Control, Enhanced Spectrum Analyser/ Oscilloscope and Cable Fault Locator. Perfect for testing all makes of 2-way radios (handheld, mobile and repeaters), plus built-in spectrum analyser and tracking generator. Extremely friendly user-interface gets technicians up and running quickly. Save measurement results (screen captures) direct to USB memory stick for documentation and reports.

The R8000C is the third generation of the industry-standard LMR communications system analyser. Weighing just under 6.5 kg, the R8000 is the only test set to offer complete benchtop functionality in a portable, software-defined package. Firmware upgrades are available free for the life of the unit, so the R8000’s capabilities only expand over time. The R8000's internal LO boasts the best spectral purity in the industry, providing better quality radio receiver measurements and spectrum analysis..

All which explains why the R8000 has become the preferred LMR test tool for thousands of radio technicians worldwide.


  • R8-3G - 3 GHz Operation
  • R8-ESA - Enhanced Spectrum Analyser/ Oscilloscope
  • R8-TG - Tracking Generator
  • R8-CF - Cable Fault Locator
  • R8-Remote - Remote Control
  • R8-DMR - MOTOTRBO /DMR Test Package
  • R8-P25 - Project 25 Conventional


R8000B Demonstration Video (2012):

R8000A introductory series - 12 chapters (2010):

Supplied With:

  • R8000 Product Documentation/Manuals on USB Stick
  • R8000 Operating Manual and Application Notes (hard copies)
  • R8000 Product Demonstration DVD
  • RTL-4011A Oscilloscope Probe Kit
  • VM-10042 Compact Microphone
  • TS118BN Telescopic Antenna
  • 31-9-RFX Right angle BNC(m) to BNC(f) adaptor
  • Type N(m) to BNC(f) adaptor
  • Cable Fault option kit - Qty 2 x 50 Ohm BNC(m) to BNC(m) cables and Mini Circuits 50 Ohm splitter
  • 4GB USB memory stick
  • 240V AC mains adaptor and 240V IEC mains lead
  • 12V DC Vehicle power adaptor
  • 2 x BNC to red and black clips
  • Transit Case

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