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RENTAL: Precision Data Acquisition Unit, 20-channel for hire
Keysight 34972A USB/LAN general purpose datalogger, software, thermocouple probes

Our Price:
390.00 $/week

Compact Data Acquisition, Switching and Control unit with built-in 6.5 digit DMM, supplied with Benchlink Datalogger software for Windows and 20-channel multiplexer module (for data-logging).  There is a choice of three logging methods:

  • Direct PC control and logging of results directly to the PC's hard drive (PC is permanently connected to datalogger during setup and acquisition).
  • Download configuration file from PC to datalogger, then disconnect the PC while logging is in progress, and reconnect to upload results.
  • Save the configuration file from your PC to a USB memory stick, insert the memory stick directly into the datalogger, and run the entire logging process from the USB memory stick with no PC connected, logging all data to the USB memory stick too. This is an extremely convenient method for field and industrial applications where it is preferred not to have a PC on site. The only items needed on site are the 34972A datalogger and a USB memory stick.


  • Extremely accurate measurements - 6.5-digit resolution
  • USB and LAN connectivity
  • Easy-to-use software included - no programming required!
  • Dell Laptop PC included for hire - complete with pre-installed software and drivers

34972A Training Videos:

Introducing the 34972A:
USB Datalogging with the 34972A:
Getting Started with Benchlink Data Logger:
Measuring Rotational Speed (RPM):
Advanced scanning with Benchlink Data Logger:
Characterising temperature profile of a PSU:


  • 1 x 34901A 20 Channel Multiplexer module

Supplied with:

  • Documentation and Software on USB stick:
    • PDF User Manual
    • PDF Getting Started Guide
    • Keysight IO Libraries
    • Benchlink Data Logger 3
  • Dell Laptop PC & charger (BenchLink Pre-installed)
  • Terminal Block Driver
  • USB Cable
  • 240V IEC Power Cord
  • Transit case

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