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RENTAL: WR-62 Waveguide to Coax Type-N(m) Adapter for hire
N9911X-310 Waveguide to Coax Adapter; 11.9GHz to 18GHz Ku-band / WR-62 / WG-18 metric flange to Type-N(m)

Our Price:
190.00 $/week

Ku-band / WR-62 / WG-18 waveguide to Type-N (m) coaxial adapter, metric flange. Frequency range: 11.9GHz to 18GHz. Keysight's N9910X-310 waveguide flange adapter has multiple bolt holes, suiting a rwide ange of waveguide flange hole layouts.

Waveguide Documents:

Diagram extracted from Keysight N9911X Economical Waveguide Calibration Components User's Guide.

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