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RENTAL: Multifunction Installation Tester for hire
Fluke 1664 FC Multifunction Installation Tester

Our Price:
290.00 $/week

The 1660 Series testers (Fluke 1662, Fluke 1663 and Fluke 1664) verify the safety of electrical installations in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. They can ensure that fixed wiring is safe and correctly installed to meet the requirements of IEC 60364 and all relevant local standards.

The Fluke 1664 FC is the top model in the range, and the only installation tester that protects connected appliances from damage during insulation tests. It even allows you to share your test results wirelessly by smartphone with coworkers or customers. Fluke’s patent pending Insulation PreTest stops you from performing tests with appliances that are connected to the system during test. This helps eliminate accidental damage and keeps your customers happy.

In addition, the Fluke 1664 FC offers you the power of Fluke Connect. Now you can send test results straight from your Fluke 1664 FC to your smartphone, and transmit those results to other members of your team. Best of all, only the 1664 offers Auto Test which performs up to seven installation tests with just one buttone press, ensuring easy and automatic compliance with local installation regulations. This reduces the number of manual connections, thus decreasing the possibility of errors and reducing test time.

  • Compact, lightweight (less than 1.3 kg) with padded neck-strap to free your hands
  • Rotary dial knob clearly indicates which function is selected, all in one spot with no complex multi-level menus.
  • Includes Z-max memory for loop tests to support easy evaluation of the highest loop test value
  • Provides unique zero adapter for fast, reliable and accurate test lead and mains cord compensation
  • Performs fast voltage measurement between L-N, L-PE, and N-PE using the mains cord. No need to change measurement connections
  • Measures RCD trip current and trip time in parallel (RCD type AC and A)
  • Measures PEFC or PSC and loop impedance in parallel and displays them together on the dual display
  • Offers ring testing so you can select the required input sockets with soft keys and not have to exchange test leads
  • Uses continuity test currents to measure motor windings
  • Detects raised earth voltages > 50 V with Earth Volt Touchpad, indicating potential dangerous situations
  • Features large display with backlight, clear symbols, and exceptionally wide viewing angle for easy and safe readings

Supplied with:

  • Software and Documentation on USB stick
  • Quick reference guide
  • User Manual
  • Qty x 6 alkaline AA batteries (installed)
  • TP165X Remote Control Probe
  • IR to USB Adapter
  • Zero adapter
  • C1600 hard carrying case
  • Heavy duty mains cord
  • Standard test lead set:
    • 3x Alligator Clips (red, blue and green)
    • 3x Test Leads (red, blue and green)
    • 3x Test Probes (red, blue and green)
  • Padded carrying and waist strap
  • Certificate of Calibration copy
  • Pelican Transit Case


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